Winter Blues

She met you unexpected in September

from what she remembers.

You were so passionate, funny, and that smile,

my, she hasn’t seen that smile in a while.

What was a simple connection, quickly turned into love.

She was stunned, never had she met a guy that wanted her soo much,

she wasn’t perfect but he reassured her that she was worth it.

She was open, she had fallen, hoping to be caught, they fought, she was left in distraught,

emotionally wounded, the man she loved was gone, what a great loss.

She never thought he would leave in December

So cold, dark, alone with no one to phone, by her side is him she wants

as she looks at her phone hoping every time it rings its him, wanting to come home to a

woman he claims he loves the most.

What happened? What changed? He promised to be the man that wouldn’t allow her to

feel pain, we vowed that we would never change, and to fix a problem within a day.

She tries to remain sane but the pain just won’t go away.

Cry baby, cry

cliche, cliche but if its meant to be, he’ll be back someday.

Winter Blues


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