What a Ride..2016


Oh! What a ride, it’s crazy how time flies

What a year, what a year, this roller coaster is almost at its complete stop

Lesson’s learned, friendships that burned and took a awful turn

What a year, what a year stayed focussed and true, accomplished most of what “she” said

she would do, more to come

hold up wait

Positivity was key, I remember getting first place as a child at the spelling bee

random I know,  pass me the Hennessy time for a celebration


She left her full time job and felt FREE

no more stress, sit back lets roll some sess

Summer time wasn’t something “she” had in mind instead “she” lied and said she was

doing fine, only to realize she had been so behind, her plan didn’t go as planned

So she had to sit back and realize for quite sometime to know what was wrong from what

was right, temptation, distraction, kept getting in the way

Discipline is what she needed to stray away from all the

FAKE LOVE, FAKE HUGS, FAKE “How you doings?”

She realized that in TODAY’S world you ain’t worth shhhhh until you show or post on

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. That you stay working, you stay busy.

But who are THEY to prove what YOU been up too, as long as YOU, SHE stays true

remember why you’re doing what you do.

Not to be accepted or gain status.. who cares if you look like “you’re not working”

don’t let social media discourage you, find you’re own motivation and work in silence.

Not against social media its a beautiful thing, but remember why you do what you do and

remember to stay TRUE to YOU.

2017, I’ve been waiting for you.


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