Little one

We have decided to come together as one and create a little one.

Love made me do it, this woman I will soon call my wife particpated in the act of soon

bringing new life, let’s call her Nia or how about Malkia, so

she will forever be reminded that she is a Queen, just like her momma and like

her momma’s momma just like her momma’s, mommas, momma.

Oh, Daddy’s girl Kia I can’t wait to meet ya

nine, eight, seven, six with five to go.

My love, my King we’ve been through a lot but this gift, I must say beats the ring

As I sing “my baby I’m yours” I feel her kick over and over again.

Every crave, every mood swing I thank you King for understanding.

Eight months in as I’m on the phone with my best friend, I felt pain almost as if I were

having contractions, but my due date is June 9th, its May 26th and somehow I ended up in

labour, I was about to meet her, anxious I almost got a fever, 16hrs in labour with no

epidural, my body was built for this, no way I was going to dismiss the feeling in my legs to

ease the pain for what was just a 90 second push. King oh King I thank God for him holding

my hand as I push one last time and then her first cry was everything, beautiful pain,

I would go through again, I cried I can’t believe she’s really mine, ours we created

a new life, and at that very moment you asked me to be your wife

my life changed



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