Meet “her” two favourite rappers.

Weird pair? Some of you may not understand or agree with what I am about to write.

First let me just say I’ve been a fan on J. Cole since 2009. I’ve never been so attached to another artist music since the passing of Aaliyah since 2001. People ask “why do you like J Cole so much? He’s so boring.” It’s because he talks about real life issues, he’s a storyteller, does not degrade woman in his music but uplifts them, he does not have to sell “gangster” to be an amazing artist, and he’s also humble AF.

“Show me something” was the first song J.Cole song I listened to, and instantly I fell in love, not with his looks or his height (because I do have a weakness for tall men lol) but it was more so the message he would deliver in his music. The hunger, the passion, hustle, and the overall love of what he does it was just inspiring.

So where does Dave East fit in? He’s hood right? But Dave East hunger reminds me of a young J Cole and I’m talking the 2009-2013  era of J Cole. Oddly enough J.Cole went on a long break, he wasn’t releasing music as consistently as he was in the beginning and as a fan I understood the reasoning for his “break.” So again who else could I relate to, who can I listen to on rotation, yeah I listen to Aaliyah and J Cole but I wanted some new music to be honest.

This is how I got introduced to Dave East, his first ever Breakfast Club interview. I was like who is this guy? Then I heard he’s under Nas and he’s from New York, so I had no choice but to listen the guy. First song I heard was “Let it Go” the beat was fire and I just fell in love instantly listened to Black Rose  and Hate Me Now. I was on that Dave East wave and I wanted everyone I know to listen to him, he brought back the old school feel. Then he came out with Kairi Chanel and that’s when I said to myself that this guy reminds me J. Cole but the “hood version.”

So again what do they have in common? Two completely different rappers, with different styles. They are both story tellers, both of there latest projects J Cole’s – 4 Your Eyez Only and Dave East’s – Kairi Chanel told a story from beginning to end. A couple songs even on Kairi Chanel reminded me of some of Coles old records. I can go as far as saying they both have raspy voices and have a silly personalities, but that’s besides the point. Feel me out on this one one listen to for example J.Cole’s old work like “The Come Up” or “The Warm Up” and compare it to Kairi Chanel. Yeah Dave East makes music that caters to everyone just as J Cole once did but I feel Dave East only does so because to he needs to get his name out there but I know Dave East ain’t really with the BS lol.

Let’s just say if J Cole continues to make music, I smell a J Cole and a Dave East track coming in the near future and Dave East did mention that he likes Cole and wouldn’t mind working with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dave East even reached out to J Cole to produce a beat, because again even as close as their beats/instrumental are similar. Feel me out.

What do you think?


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