Meet Phyllis Hyman

Phyllis Linda Hyman what a beautiful woman, with a beautiful voice she expressed her pain with.

I instantly fell in love with this woman’s music when I heard “Roll Call” by you guessed it J Cole. I’m a sucker for samples, or when artist sample old music I always tend to do my research to hear the original song, if I hadn’t already known where it came from, where in this case I knew J Cole sampled someone I just didn’t know who, or where it had came from.

The song he sampled was “Just Another Face in the Crowd”  just writing about it just gives me chills because I found this song at the right time and I just so happened to relate to the song at the time, I even shed a tear. (check out “Her Vibes” on my site to take a listen)

Regardless if you have ever experienced “heartbreak “or not you felt the pain or the message delivered in this record.

So just that one song just made me want to know more about her, I kid you not I was online doing research for hours, I even watch “Unsung” which was something like a documentary on the late singers life.

You didn’t even need to hear this woman speak or even watch her interviews to know what her life was like, her music DEFINITELY spoke for itself. A beautiful woman, with a beautiful voice that got a chance of a lifetime that could have gone VERY far in her career was depressed, she was not happy.

I feel she truly died of a broken heart and the high demand of the fame of trying to change her image. The singer eventually committed suicide in June of 1995. She wrote a short note before her death and I quote,

“I’m tired. I’m tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you.” – Phyllis Hyman

Such a sad tragedy. She was so beautiful with a voice so powerful/soothing and lyrics so meaningful.  One thing she left behind was timeless music that myself and many others get the joy of listening to until the end of time.

Based on my research she was the type of woman that took BS from no one, she didn’t want to be controlled she had a mind of her own and she seemed to always get her way. Another reason why I fell in love with her she was a strong woman with a soft side.She loved hard, she was depressed to the point where she thought living was not a option anymore.

Continue to Rest in Peace Ms. Hyman

Below check out “Her” faves from Phyllis Hyman


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