“Dangerously” in Love

She visualized, the perfect life with you in mind

She was mesmerized by those dark brown eyes that spoke “I love you”

Her eyes told her story more than her voice ever would

She’s been abused, used, confused, betrayed

Yet she still remained the same. Humble, genuine, understanding, loving and caring

Hoping he would do the same.

She never knew love could be so dangerous, that’s when she discovered that she was dangerously in love.

Should she stay? Should she go? She doesn’t know anymore

There’s a story being told but was it meant to unfold ? take it slow? break up and

keep it on the down low?

Every night she’d pray to God and say “Reveal to me, if he is indeed the man of her dreams” because it seems although he’s not perfect, he was perfect for her”

Test 1, revealed she was in denial she stayed

Test 2, revealed she looked past his faults

Test 3, he lied, he hurt HER but forgiveness was key.

Until she did something crazy to he.

She was crazy in love

To be continued.. 


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