Remember me?

He’s a lucky guy to have what was once mine

Somehow I knew this the whole time that something wasn’t right

I lied and you lied

You were drifting away from me, but you still stayed with me

I knew you loved me, like I loved you

I should have been honest instead of hurting you

I promised to love you like there is no tomorrow

Who knew my tomorrow would become my worst sorrow

Silly of me to walk away from was supposed to be

I tried to patient, but I couldn’t see past some memories

Now you’re genuinely happy with another man that was supposed to be me

I want you back but it’s killing me.

Hey baby long time no see, remember me? It’s Bri

What we once had was beautiful

But I also wanted you to know

Though it might be hard for you to trust my words

I’m sorry that the aftermath of what we called love occurred

You said I was the worst, but you said those words because you were hurt

Don’t be so hard on yourself you were meant to go

It was my fault too, I was in love you know?

Did everything I could to make you stay

But I forced it all

Far from fake, it was real

My mistake and your mistake

and now we deal with the consequences today

If only you stayed, you would have been in his place

We had a connection like no other

Crazy to say I love you, but I remain true to whom I decided to give my love to.

It was a good time when you were once mine.

Hope you remember me, like I’ll  always remember you.


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