Colour Me Blind

My art

Plus your art

We make a beautiful portrait

Beautiful work of art

Everyone wants to purchase

Limited edition

Your my personal exhibition

Extended hours for me, so I can get up close and personal and see

Your meticulous degree

Is really worth my eyes to see

Everyday I wake up to the perfect view

Blinded by a portrait that never gets old

Same old, same old

I fall more in love with the details that the portrait tells without voice that never speaks

But gets me moist in ways that have you go deep, that you seek colour in my eyes

Before you know it, I go blind

Your art was my disease

You’re fading away, the colours fade away

Lets start over

This time we recreate the perfect work of art

Limited edition

Something like the one I saw from the start

Only these colours should never fade

But get better with age

Colour me blind to your love

These colours won’t be enough to express my love

I run out of colours

I feel stuck

I put my brush down

Thought to myself

These colours aren’t beautiful enough

To paint the picture of art

Of what we called love.



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