A Letter to the Ladies.

Women I love you. I mean I really do.

Can we work together instead of competing against each other?

Can we love one another instead of hating each other?

Can we compliment each other instead of saying negative things towards each other.

Can we motivate each other with positive vibes instead of surrounding our energy with negative ones?

Ladies we are so POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, AMBITIOUS, DRIVEN, LOVING, and the list goes on. Imagine all those qualities amongst different women in one room, we are a force, where in a world that we live in today we don’t get praised for the beautiful qualities we have to offer. We live in a world “where us woman rely on the men to get the job done.” Truth be told I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, a man is nothing without a woman. Men need us, some won’t admit it but they do. (Look out for my post coming soon explaining my thoughts how why I feel woman are stronger than men)

Today I say sorry to any woman I offended, or hurt in the past, I love you. I just want us woman to start working together and supporting one another instead of working against each other. Today I want every woman reading my post to compliment, say something inspirational/positive or motivate a stranger that is a woman of course. Try it! I promise you won’t regret it. Men appreciate the woman that God intended for you, show her you love her, tell her you need her, tell her you love her. Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful ladies out there. You are loved and you are appreciated. POSITIVE VIBES ALWAYS


Beautiful lady you are strong

Beautiful lady life will go on

Beautiful lady step back, breathe, and relax

Find yourself deep within

I promise it will all make sense

Just have faith in him.

and remember that

Queen you are the dream.


 Crystal Bri


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