Around the LOBE (What does being a woman mean to you?)

Hello everyone! If you read my “Meet Bri” tab it mentions that I’m taking a Radio Broadcasting program. Since forever I’ve always wanted to host a show, I love to to talk, especially about music. Anyone who knows Crystal Bri knows she absolutely loves her music, art, I JUST OVERALL LOVE TO CREATE. Why stick to one thing when you have options baby, never limit yourself, keep going the sky is not the limit, there is so much more beyond it. I promise you Crystal Bri has so much more in store, the wait will soon be over.

Also I’m all about supporting especially woman, I love seeing people (especially those I know personally) pursue what it is they feel they have been destined to do in life. Please check out my co host Taanah Lee blog

“The Assembly”  << Great read!!

In the meantime please check out “Around the Lobe” with my co host Taanah Lee. Leave a comment we want to here your feedback. This is our first episode, practice and being consistent will allow us to prosper.

You have to love what you do to want to do it everyday, and everything I am working towards I can honestly say I’m so deeply in love.”

– Bri,

Love you all.



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