Peace at the Beach

I am her, and this is me

all I ask is for simplicity

I close my eyes and visualize

me, her playing on beach a with my toes in the sand

listening to the waves as they speak in a way that I understand

This is my peace

I’m far away so discreet because I will not allow no one to interrupt my peace

just me on the beach while seagulls fly over me

walking on the shore to explore another scenery

I saw a little boy over there cry and weep, two seconds later

He smiles, he’s happy

I smiled to myself

You see how simple life can be

but we choose to hold on and grudge those who deceit

maybe it’s time for you all to head to the beach

and find what I found that is a little to deep

to really explain what it is that helped me

find what was there the whole time within me


I speak not what I hear but to my knowledge of wisdom of truth and don’t forget experience too.

Summer breeze on the beach just me sitting in the sand waiting for the sun to set

at this place I feel at my best

No stress just me and my beach friends that call this place home

I’m in love with the sky and the sound of the planes when they fly by

The beautiful clouds that form into a image that tell me “everything will be alright.”

The shooting stars that zoom fast at night, just a lovely view of all of these flashing lights

take a moment to yourself and enjoy everything that God chooses to show and tell,

because its the simple things in life.

Don’t worry, be happy.


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