Sunrise, good morning to my love, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay, I just wanted to say keep going and never forget I’m with you every step of the way.

Rain cloudy day
I’ll never forget the day you went away
I wish you knew that everything would be okay, only if you stayed..

Sunny, the sun came out to play
I smiled because I knew after the rain that seeing the sun shine bright reassured me that you’d be okay and all you wanted to do is brighten my day with that sense of humour that even when I’m mad at you, you always made me smile anyway.

Sunset, what a beautiful view I know that was your way of saying “I love you”
Made me think back to the day that you and I were on the beach and watched the sun fade away not thinking of the reality I’d soon have to face one day

moon you came too soon I thought I would have more time with you
I felt alone, I dial your number to hear your tone, reality hit you were really gone
I look up to the sky and then I saw you a shoot on by
I smiled and knew this was your way of saying

Goodnight, my little angel sleep tight


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