Bri Expresses “Her Thoughts”

Hello everyone! First I’d like to thank everyone who has taken their time to read and go through my blog. All the amazing feedback from EVERYONE whether it be on my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even in person. I appreciate it and its ALWAYS LOVE. 

I know lately I haven’t been consistent with my post as much as I was before (BEING A ADULT SUCKS ) Just kidding I’m actually enjoying every bit of being a “adult” but I took some time off to really get some things taken care of and spend time with those in my life that mean the world to me. I was never the type to really say “I Love You” to those who I love but I find myself saying it more often and when I say it to you I MEAN IT. I am truly blessed to have people in my life that genuinely care, that push me to do better and vice versa.

I absolutely love seeing my loved ones go after their goals in life. I always encourage everyone whether you are a stranger or that special someone in my life… that whatever you’re going through, it doesn’t stop here. As long as you’re still breathing YOU YOURSELF have the POWER to turn your NEGATIVE situation into a BEAUTIFUL POSITIVE ONE. Easier said than done right? Mind over matter, I’ll be routing for you throughout your journey but you gotta believe in YOU first.


Question for those who are reading my blog?  How much of us have a PASSION a DESIRE to go after our goals/dreams, but we all usually ask ourselves this question, where do I start? I don’t have the funds to start what it is I want to do etc. So we settle, we get too COMFORTABLE! Respect to anyone putting in that overtime at their jobs (don’t forget to live a little) but remember it doesn’t end there, it’s a start, just don’t get too COMFORTABLE, I stress this too those around me. I remind them that don’t ever make a temporary job especially one you’re not happy with make you feel like you need them NEVER.

Remember those conversations you had with your close friends expressing what you wanted to do/accomplish in life. It’s time to revive those conversations and now speak it into existence. Time is so precious why not live a life pursuing what it is your passionate about instead of prolonging it or putting it on hold. I get it, in this day in age there are way too many distractions, but it’s time to get back on track and put YOU first, even if it means distancing yourself from the “distractions” in your life. My first step towards going towards my goals is surrounding myself with people with the similar mindset, the same hunger, maybe even the same passion and of course that positive energy.

Reason why I decided to write this is because I know someone out there may need that encouragement and that reminder that I’m cheering you on but it starts with YOU! 

Not everyone knows my true passion (only those close to me) but for years I’ve been hiding it, shy about it, even got discouraged at some point. Lately a lot have people have been pushing me to go after my first love which isn’t being a “Radio Personality” or “Journalist” or a “Writer” don’t get me wrong I LOVE all those things but I wasn’t “passionate” about it (maybe writing lol). Don’t get me wrong I’d like to have my own radio show or even talk show one day by Gods grace, as long as it involves MUSIC.

But my first love...

Betcha didn’t know this >> Ever since I was younger I’ve been very musically inclined believe or not I LOVED to DANCE!! Like I would always like to choreograph dance routines with my friends to songs like “Where My Girls At – 702” or I’d have my towel ready because I knew “Aaliyah’s – More Than a Woman” would be number one on 106 & Park (ohhh the good ol’ days) up until high school and little after I graduated I would attend dance classes downtown, on a weekly basis. I’ve always loved to dance but for some reason as I’ve gotten older I’ve become “shy” about it, but would I consider it my passion? Maybe… My first love is MUSIC, I’ve always had a good ear for music (I thank my older sister for that to be honest) But anything after 98′ I remember so vividly and of course as I got older I done some research on my own. I am a sucker for old school music, its my style.

I am a singer, and with time my voice has grown tremendously (which I’m quite proud of) I one day thought to myself, why am I putting aside the one thing I actually enjoy doing, people have heard my voice and lately a lot of people have been pushing me to go pursue singing, which I’m working on I promise. I do it for love of it, it’s my way of expressing my feelings, and if you vibe wit it, its love always and if you don’t vibe wit it, it’s still love.

I’d thought I would express my thoughts today and encourage those who are passionate about something just to go ahead and start small and have that reality in head reminding yourself that nothing great or worth having happens over night, it takes hard work, struggle, pain, tears to accomplish the ultimate goal an even then it doesn’t stop there. The sky is not the limit, there’s so much more beyond it. I write this as a reminder to myself and to anyone that needs these words of encouragement that there is beauty in the struggle. 

I got this,

You got this,

We got this!

K E E P  G O I N G

With love,

Bri4m572san8fmqnlbre10eub5bj0220745.png-final (2)

In the meantime vibe out with me the warm up.. I promise new music coming soon.


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