Racing heart, with her racing thoughts

As her heart beats only for you

She had no clue, what to do

distractions, distracted

just to get rid of the thought of you

Her other friends told her to be heedful of interactions

Because he seemed deceitful with his intentions

Perfect for who? You?

You’re fast tracking slow down

he will do damage, he doesn’t even know what love is..


So he found you at the wrong time

where he was lost he tried to love you but his love wasn’t true

She was in it for the long run, he was in it until was he was done

My friend cries at night because she realized she was used by a young boy

who claimed he was tired of the ride

I looked him deep in his eyes

& said

You don’t even love yourself, you rush, pretend you were in love then disrupt the beautiful innocence of a woman, hurting her with words, telling her she isn’t worth – YOU the angel in disguise you were, how dare you talk down to her.

He didn’t deserve her, she didn’t deserve him

I consider him lucky to have met a friend like mine

If only he knew what she had in mind for his birthday

too soon, months away but my girl doesn’t play when she loves she shows it in many ways

and YOU young fellow

threw it all away

Something to do with the perfect view, thats how she described you which described the things you like to do.

You can’t love somebody if you do not love yourself first, thats how often times people get hurt

But in his case he runs away to go play with another lady who wasn’t meant to stay.

She was familiar to him

He was familiar to her

He left my friend for her

He realized that going backwards didn’t work

He broke up with her for lets say the 5th time

Now look?

He’s “in love” again, this time not with my friend but yet another woman.

The cycle continues.





She wasn’t perfect

but I remind her everyday she’s worth it.

Reminder: Love yourself first


–  Bri



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