I remember when I met you, I looked right passed you

only to find out that we’d end up in the same room just us two plus one.

I got to know you and you got to know me. I said to myself, “he’s very well

spoken” but let me not think nothing of it, for I was there to focus.

Our session was done, I walked you halfway to your car and I also noticed a shooting star.

As we were about to go our separate ways I was hoping you’d ask for my number so we

could stay… in touch, but instead you asked me for my Instagram, I admit I was caught off

guard but you played it right.

Hoping I’d see you again soon, maybe later on that night,

you ended off what was our first encounter with a hug.

Somehow you were stuck heavy on my mind, then you messaged me a few days later “hey, whats up”

I replied, “nothing much” hoping he would ask me out on date.

He did, more than once than we became more than just the first date

You were my mate, my other half, my best friend and my love

I wish someone told me “Girl slow down before you get blinded with love.

Take your time if he’s true he will forever be for you

So don’t rush, I know its tough it seems like you’re already in too deep.”

I wish I listened

I wish I heard

I guess this was going to be my first time I’d really feel my heart burn

I cried just as much you lied

I thought we were ride or die

You was my KING and I was your QUEEN

I mean thats what seemed to be.

Love it was love and now I’m crushed

They say the first love is the deepest

which is true, its taken me sometime to truly get over you

I found someone who’d I known was there all along

and had my back through it all

I realized it was time to cater to him more

and with that being said he’d open more doors

For once I was happy because I found God.


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