I’m Every Woman, I am Superwoman

I AM every Woman




and a



Here I stand proud

Often times I think out loud

For I have a voice

It will be heard

She’s somebody’s QUEEN

juggling life she makes it look easier then it seems

She screams

It’s time now to face reality

She’s strong, and yet still life goes on

Bounce back like no other because God is her strength and no one can stop her

She came to conquer what is hers in life

and no

She will not lose, but win on her own timing

There is no limit as to what she can do

for the sky is NOT  the limit, there is so much more beyond it.

Thats why often times they call her Superwoman

because when you need her she’ll be there faster than you can count to 10

While still making sure everything she needs is under control

She will never allow herself to get stuck in that hole

She’s experienced the hard times for a reason

Why go backwards if you were only meant to go through it for a season

Experience made her




in closing she sings




I am every woman, it’s all in me.



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