What a beautiful disaster.

Ever saw yourself in a ugly situation where you simply thought there was no way out or this could possibly mean the end?

Yeah, I have!

The beauty of it all is YOU got through it. In the moment we think omg how could this be? but one thing I realized in every catastrophe or problem you may have

there happens to be a beautiful side to your situation that often times we are too blind to even see. 

In Japan when something cracks they tend  to fix it with gold! How beautiful is that?

Let me elaborate it is said that when Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something suffered damage and has HISTORY it becomes more BEAUTIFUL. What a beautiful way to look deeper into your not so good situation and turn it into a positive one. 

Yeah you’re probably thinking

Well okay when pottery appears to be broken/cracked in Japan they just fix it with gold dust. What does that have to do with my real life situation?

Open your mind, as simple and creative the Japanese theory is, the outcome is turning something that may have had no value to it anymore and making it beautiful again.

Now do you feel me? Something in your life may have “cracked” or appear to be “broken”

It’s time now to use your creative side and make it beautiful again with the reminder of the scars you will have to embrace the struggle you went through to get to where you are today.


God is the answer to all of our problems, he is the one who can definitely put us through a lot and manage to help us see the beauty in it, even if we don’t realize this at first. 

That is the beauty of it.

Remember God would not put you through a situation that you couldn’t handle, continue to trust in him and I promise you that he will deliver.


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