Love of my life

Opened my eyes, I’ve now realized

I am the love of my life. 

I finally let go of what was emotionally draining me inside

so close to the edge of promises of false hope

signs that I was sure of, to re-tie this rope

I must have been on dope, a little too high in the sky’

It was time to really let go

ahhh I hear God talking to me saying

You think I would have you let go of something YOU thought was the best and not bless you with MY best? My dear this was just a test, I had faith in you my child, that was not love, I am love and you are loved. Let me take care of it, it was lesson  I hope you learned, it’s time to move on because that chapter already took its turn.”

Those words, kept me alive

at some point I felt I was dying inside

He’s right, it’s my time to shine

I am still here, I have survived.

Self love is the best thing that ever happened to me

I mean I have alway loved myself, but not to this degree.

I am the LOVE OF MY LIFE. 




Remember to always be the love of your life and practice self love, I mean we do love ourselves right? But love yourself enough where you know your worth , never settle and never put yourself second. Remain to put yourself first, because if no one has ever told you, let me be the first, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


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