He Listened

He listened

He cared

I never ever had to reassure that he was there

not physically but just so he can hear my cry

when everyone around me seems to be blind

I talk and they’re there but not listening to the words I speak.

They ask why I don’t speak as much as I use to, a waste of breath

So I rely on him, I go to him.

He’s there whenever I need him, literally a phone call away

So why do I stray away at times?

This path is not easy but I’m trying,

trying my best, I’ve been put through a test

but you still accept me at my worst and I will give you my best

as I write, the words just flow

I’ve had writers block for quite sometime now.

Lost in my thoughts, spaced out

Take a deep breathe

I’ve been reassured that everything will be alright.


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