Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

My lips aren’t moving

I speak through music which elevates me

I listen to the melody of what I have chosen

So when I’m upset listen to the words

of the song of “Where I wanna be”


when you love you someone, you just don’t treat them bad, oh how I feel so sad now that I want to leave.”

It’s crazy because I would never give up on “This Luv”

This song I send to you as a sign that we shouldn’t give up as I was

“Thinking about all the changes we been through
and I know it might sound crazy but I’m still loving you in spite of all the simple things
We been through.”

You have left me speechless so that’s why I send you music to express my love to you

We made music in ways that was amusing my coach and my love it seemed as if I had the whole bundle in one.

What I thought was love wasn’t lust but perhaps a sign for me to really wake up

Blinded by what we had in common, I simply thought he was the one.

“Love is blind and it will take over your mind, what you think is love, is truly not
you need to elevate and find”

Wise words spoken true, so deep that it hits you

In my zone all alone, press play and a old Kendrick song comes on

“Every time we get into it I’m the one that’s feeling stupid ,

You don’t need me, you gonna leave me,

that’s ya favourite threat

Why you never know how it feel to be lonely?

Why I feel I’m the last option after ya homies?

Why you always gotta know that I will never let you go?


We hurt people that love us
Love people that hurt us”

Are you inspired? Is it true

“We hurt people that love us
Love people that hurt us”

Look at the beautiful picture listed above,

looks like love,

still in time

it captured something that was in the moment

but the beautiful melody of this song of where I write my wrongs

and turn it into life without explanation, let the melody do the talking

Can you hear me?

Do you understand me?

Without the conversation?

Once a upon time I was sending you

“I gotta be”

by Jagged Edge

now I play to myself

“Gonna get myself together

and let the lord make it better,

I can hear his voice, calling me”

A feeling with that is not necessary with words,

just me with my headphones in my ears.

Do you feel me?

Don’t talk to me while I enjoy

The beautiful melody that touches my soul,

Unless you know how to connect with me without any words

lets enjoy this rhythm and perhaps we will tell a story

and with music I feel





Love of my life

Opened my eyes, I’ve now realized

I am the love of my life. 

I finally let go of what was emotionally draining me inside

so close to the edge of promises of false hope

signs that I was sure of, to re-tie this rope

I must have been on dope, a little too high in the sky’

It was time to really let go

ahhh I hear God talking to me saying

You think I would have you let go of something YOU thought was the best and not bless you with MY best? My dear this was just a test, I had faith in you my child, that was not love, I am love and you are loved. Let me take care of it, it was lesson  I hope you learned, it’s time to move on because that chapter already took its turn.”

Those words, kept me alive

at some point I felt I was dying inside

He’s right, it’s my time to shine

I am still here, I have survived.

Self love is the best thing that ever happened to me

I mean I have alway loved myself, but not to this degree.

I am the LOVE OF MY LIFE. 




Remember to always be the love of your life and practice self love, I mean we do love ourselves right? But love yourself enough where you know your worth , never settle and never put yourself second. Remain to put yourself first, because if no one has ever told you, let me be the first, YOU ARE WORTH IT.


What a beautiful disaster.

Ever saw yourself in a ugly situation where you simply thought there was no way out or this could possibly mean the end?

Yeah, I have!

The beauty of it all is YOU got through it. In the moment we think omg how could this be? but one thing I realized in every catastrophe or problem you may have

there happens to be a beautiful side to your situation that often times we are too blind to even see. 

In Japan when something cracks they tend  to fix it with gold! How beautiful is that?

Let me elaborate it is said that when Japanese mend broken objects they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something suffered damage and has HISTORY it becomes more BEAUTIFUL. What a beautiful way to look deeper into your not so good situation and turn it into a positive one. 

Yeah you’re probably thinking

Well okay when pottery appears to be broken/cracked in Japan they just fix it with gold dust. What does that have to do with my real life situation?

Open your mind, as simple and creative the Japanese theory is, the outcome is turning something that may have had no value to it anymore and making it beautiful again.

Now do you feel me? Something in your life may have “cracked” or appear to be “broken”

It’s time now to use your creative side and make it beautiful again with the reminder of the scars you will have to embrace the struggle you went through to get to where you are today.


God is the answer to all of our problems, he is the one who can definitely put us through a lot and manage to help us see the beauty in it, even if we don’t realize this at first. 

That is the beauty of it.

Remember God would not put you through a situation that you couldn’t handle, continue to trust in him and I promise you that he will deliver.

I’m Every Woman, I am Superwoman

I AM every Woman




and a



Here I stand proud

Often times I think out loud

For I have a voice

It will be heard

She’s somebody’s QUEEN

juggling life she makes it look easier then it seems

She screams

It’s time now to face reality

She’s strong, and yet still life goes on

Bounce back like no other because God is her strength and no one can stop her

She came to conquer what is hers in life

and no

She will not lose, but win on her own timing

There is no limit as to what she can do

for the sky is NOT  the limit, there is so much more beyond it.

Thats why often times they call her Superwoman

because when you need her she’ll be there faster than you can count to 10

While still making sure everything she needs is under control

She will never allow herself to get stuck in that hole

She’s experienced the hard times for a reason

Why go backwards if you were only meant to go through it for a season

Experience made her




in closing she sings




I am every woman, it’s all in me.



I remember when I met you, I looked right passed you

only to find out that we’d end up in the same room just us two plus one.

I got to know you and you got to know me. I said to myself, “he’s very well

spoken” but let me not think nothing of it, for I was there to focus.

Our session was done, I walked you halfway to your car and I also noticed a shooting star.

As we were about to go our separate ways I was hoping you’d ask for my number so we

could stay… in touch, but instead you asked me for my Instagram, I admit I was caught off

guard but you played it right.

Hoping I’d see you again soon, maybe later on that night,

you ended off what was our first encounter with a hug.

Somehow you were stuck heavy on my mind, then you messaged me a few days later “hey, whats up”

I replied, “nothing much” hoping he would ask me out on date.

He did, more than once than we became more than just the first date

You were my mate, my other half, my best friend and my love

I wish someone told me “Girl slow down before you get blinded with love.

Take your time if he’s true he will forever be for you

So don’t rush, I know its tough it seems like you’re already in too deep.”

I wish I listened

I wish I heard

I guess this was going to be my first time I’d really feel my heart burn

I cried just as much you lied

I thought we were ride or die

You was my KING and I was your QUEEN

I mean thats what seemed to be.

Love it was love and now I’m crushed

They say the first love is the deepest

which is true, its taken me sometime to truly get over you

I found someone who’d I known was there all along

and had my back through it all

I realized it was time to cater to him more

and with that being said he’d open more doors

For once I was happy because I found God.

Stop Running

There comes a time in our life where we forget to STOP and realize the problems that lie right before our eyes.

So we drink, party get into relationships and get high,

we try to compromise certain things so we can get by

Welcome To The Adult Life

where you choose to have your problems arise or run towards it and have them fall.

The wind is strong but the breeze is what satisfies us all.

It’s okay to crawl before we learn to walk

The beauty of it all we fail, we cry, to one day smile and shine

Then we wipe those tears and take away our fears to remind ourselves to live in the moment of time and not rewind, or change what was, but to make the best out of what is and what’s to come

For that everyday we wake up a new life has begun to start over, it’s not over

You have life, I won’t lie

it bites,

but as long as you’re still alive you still have time to shine.

So stop running, inhale, exhale take a breather relax

You’ll be just fine, continue to have faith in the most high.

Stay calm, eyes open

and enjoy the waves of the ocean.






Racing heart, with her racing thoughts

As her heart beats only for you

She had no clue, what to do

distractions, distracted

just to get rid of the thought of you

Her other friends told her to be heedful of interactions

Because he seemed deceitful with his intentions

Perfect for who? You?

You’re fast tracking slow down

he will do damage, he doesn’t even know what love is..


So he found you at the wrong time

where he was lost he tried to love you but his love wasn’t true

She was in it for the long run, he was in it until was he was done

My friend cries at night because she realized she was used by a young boy

who claimed he was tired of the ride

I looked him deep in his eyes

& said

You don’t even love yourself, you rush, pretend you were in love then disrupt the beautiful innocence of a woman, hurting her with words, telling her she isn’t worth – YOU the angel in disguise you were, how dare you talk down to her.

He didn’t deserve her, she didn’t deserve him

I consider him lucky to have met a friend like mine

If only he knew what she had in mind for his birthday

too soon, months away but my girl doesn’t play when she loves she shows it in many ways

and YOU young fellow

threw it all away

Something to do with the perfect view, thats how she described you which described the things you like to do.

You can’t love somebody if you do not love yourself first, thats how often times people get hurt

But in his case he runs away to go play with another lady who wasn’t meant to stay.

She was familiar to him

He was familiar to her

He left my friend for her

He realized that going backwards didn’t work

He broke up with her for lets say the 5th time

Now look?

He’s “in love” again, this time not with my friend but yet another woman.

The cycle continues.





She wasn’t perfect

but I remind her everyday she’s worth it.

Reminder: Love yourself first


–  Bri


Bri Expresses “Her Thoughts”

Hello everyone! First I’d like to thank everyone who has taken their time to read and go through my blog. All the amazing feedback from EVERYONE whether it be on my blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even in person. I appreciate it and its ALWAYS LOVE. 

I know lately I haven’t been consistent with my post as much as I was before (BEING A ADULT SUCKS ) Just kidding I’m actually enjoying every bit of being a “adult” but I took some time off to really get some things taken care of and spend time with those in my life that mean the world to me. I was never the type to really say “I Love You” to those who I love but I find myself saying it more often and when I say it to you I MEAN IT. I am truly blessed to have people in my life that genuinely care, that push me to do better and vice versa.

I absolutely love seeing my loved ones go after their goals in life. I always encourage everyone whether you are a stranger or that special someone in my life… that whatever you’re going through, it doesn’t stop here. As long as you’re still breathing YOU YOURSELF have the POWER to turn your NEGATIVE situation into a BEAUTIFUL POSITIVE ONE. Easier said than done right? Mind over matter, I’ll be routing for you throughout your journey but you gotta believe in YOU first.


Question for those who are reading my blog?  How much of us have a PASSION a DESIRE to go after our goals/dreams, but we all usually ask ourselves this question, where do I start? I don’t have the funds to start what it is I want to do etc. So we settle, we get too COMFORTABLE! Respect to anyone putting in that overtime at their jobs (don’t forget to live a little) but remember it doesn’t end there, it’s a start, just don’t get too COMFORTABLE, I stress this too those around me. I remind them that don’t ever make a temporary job especially one you’re not happy with make you feel like you need them NEVER.

Remember those conversations you had with your close friends expressing what you wanted to do/accomplish in life. It’s time to revive those conversations and now speak it into existence. Time is so precious why not live a life pursuing what it is your passionate about instead of prolonging it or putting it on hold. I get it, in this day in age there are way too many distractions, but it’s time to get back on track and put YOU first, even if it means distancing yourself from the “distractions” in your life. My first step towards going towards my goals is surrounding myself with people with the similar mindset, the same hunger, maybe even the same passion and of course that positive energy.

Reason why I decided to write this is because I know someone out there may need that encouragement and that reminder that I’m cheering you on but it starts with YOU! 

Not everyone knows my true passion (only those close to me) but for years I’ve been hiding it, shy about it, even got discouraged at some point. Lately a lot have people have been pushing me to go after my first love which isn’t being a “Radio Personality” or “Journalist” or a “Writer” don’t get me wrong I LOVE all those things but I wasn’t “passionate” about it (maybe writing lol). Don’t get me wrong I’d like to have my own radio show or even talk show one day by Gods grace, as long as it involves MUSIC.

But my first love...

Betcha didn’t know this >> Ever since I was younger I’ve been very musically inclined believe or not I LOVED to DANCE!! Like I would always like to choreograph dance routines with my friends to songs like “Where My Girls At – 702” or I’d have my towel ready because I knew “Aaliyah’s – More Than a Woman” would be number one on 106 & Park (ohhh the good ol’ days) up until high school and little after I graduated I would attend dance classes downtown, on a weekly basis. I’ve always loved to dance but for some reason as I’ve gotten older I’ve become “shy” about it, but would I consider it my passion? Maybe… My first love is MUSIC, I’ve always had a good ear for music (I thank my older sister for that to be honest) But anything after 98′ I remember so vividly and of course as I got older I done some research on my own. I am a sucker for old school music, its my style.

I am a singer, and with time my voice has grown tremendously (which I’m quite proud of) I one day thought to myself, why am I putting aside the one thing I actually enjoy doing, people have heard my voice and lately a lot of people have been pushing me to go pursue singing, which I’m working on I promise. I do it for love of it, it’s my way of expressing my feelings, and if you vibe wit it, its love always and if you don’t vibe wit it, it’s still love.

I’d thought I would express my thoughts today and encourage those who are passionate about something just to go ahead and start small and have that reality in head reminding yourself that nothing great or worth having happens over night, it takes hard work, struggle, pain, tears to accomplish the ultimate goal an even then it doesn’t stop there. The sky is not the limit, there’s so much more beyond it. I write this as a reminder to myself and to anyone that needs these words of encouragement that there is beauty in the struggle. 

I got this,

You got this,

We got this!

K E E P  G O I N G

With love,

Bri4m572san8fmqnlbre10eub5bj0220745.png-final (2)

In the meantime vibe out with me the warm up.. I promise new music coming soon.


Sunrise, good morning to my love, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay, I just wanted to say keep going and never forget I’m with you every step of the way.

Rain cloudy day
I’ll never forget the day you went away
I wish you knew that everything would be okay, only if you stayed..

Sunny, the sun came out to play
I smiled because I knew after the rain that seeing the sun shine bright reassured me that you’d be okay and all you wanted to do is brighten my day with that sense of humour that even when I’m mad at you, you always made me smile anyway.

Sunset, what a beautiful view I know that was your way of saying “I love you”
Made me think back to the day that you and I were on the beach and watched the sun fade away not thinking of the reality I’d soon have to face one day

moon you came too soon I thought I would have more time with you
I felt alone, I dial your number to hear your tone, reality hit you were really gone
I look up to the sky and then I saw you a shoot on by
I smiled and knew this was your way of saying

Goodnight, my little angel sleep tight

Peace at the Beach

I am her, and this is me

all I ask is for simplicity

I close my eyes and visualize

me, her playing on beach a with my toes in the sand

listening to the waves as they speak in a way that I understand

This is my peace

I’m far away so discreet because I will not allow no one to interrupt my peace

just me on the beach while seagulls fly over me

walking on the shore to explore another scenery

I saw a little boy over there cry and weep, two seconds later

He smiles, he’s happy

I smiled to myself

You see how simple life can be

but we choose to hold on and grudge those who deceit

maybe it’s time for you all to head to the beach

and find what I found that is a little to deep

to really explain what it is that helped me

find what was there the whole time within me


I speak not what I hear but to my knowledge of wisdom of truth and don’t forget experience too.

Summer breeze on the beach just me sitting in the sand waiting for the sun to set

at this place I feel at my best

No stress just me and my beach friends that call this place home

I’m in love with the sky and the sound of the planes when they fly by

The beautiful clouds that form into a image that tell me “everything will be alright.”

The shooting stars that zoom fast at night, just a lovely view of all of these flashing lights

take a moment to yourself and enjoy everything that God chooses to show and tell,

because its the simple things in life.

Don’t worry, be happy.