Her Vibes

Aaliyah – Four Page Letter

Basically why I write, just kidding. This is my baby foreva

Mariah Carey ft Joe and Nas – Thank God I Found You


Enrique Inglesias – Escape

I’ve always LOVED this song

Savage Garden – I Knew I Loved You

Every time I listen to this song, my heart drops. Beautiful, also reminds me of my parents, I remember hearing this song on the radio on the long ride home from daycare a child and my dad would sing this to my mother.

Al.B.Sure – Night and Day

I use to play this song/video on repeat, still one of my favs. This video still makes me giggle, he’s cute.

Shanice – I Love Your Smile

Something about a mans smile! Love this song

Aaliyah – At Your Best (Remix)

My baby girl Liyah, anyone who knows me personally knows the love I have for her. This song is so smooth. Describes my mood. Enjoy!

Faith Evans – I Love You

Faith is one my favourite vocalist. This song has been a feeling creeping up on me lately



IMX – Beautiful You are

Thank you, mi amor.

Jagged Edge – He Can’t Love You

This song always gets me so emotional. Men don’t sing or talk about their emotions like this anymore.  Jagged Edge is my favourite Male Group of all time. I’ll be posting more of them. Enjoy this classic

Marques Houston – All Because of You

What can I say I enjoy listening to old school music!

Johnta Austin – Turn it Up

I remember when I first heard this song like 10+ years ago..This song speaks for itself, enjoy!

Lecrae – Blessings ft. Ty Dolla $ign

“If I ever took a loss, I learned a lesson , I won’t ever think I’m better then the next Man” This song has been on repeat. I’m blessed.




Kut Klose – Get Up On It 

This song is vibes! Self explanatory enjoy!


Tweet – Love Me

TWEET! I absolutely love her music (she’s so underrated) this song just puts me at ease. To love and to be loved. Enjoy




Carl Thomas – Make It Alright

Ever go through a bad break up? I have.

Well this song is my go too song that just makes me so HAPPY, timing is everything. There is always a MAN out there that is going to appreciate what the other “man” didn’t. This song is reassurance that GOOD MEN still exist. They don’t make music like this anymore. Thank you Carl Thomas!



Trinitee 5-7  – There he is

This is one of my favourite gospel songs. This song touches me in many ways I cannot explain, whenever I feel life gets the best of me or I feel like giving up this song reassures me that everything will be fine. This one gets me emotional. Enjoy!

Brian McKnight – The Only One For Me

This song is beautiful, I feel the right ones always come back. If its meant to be it will be, until then find yourself, work on yourself, find and build a relationship with God, trust me he never fails, trust in God.

Kreesha Turner – I Will Be Here

I absolutely love this song! Ladies we all that one that waited, or would wait for, due to the love being real and strong!

Erykah Badu – Solider

When I heard this song for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the beat, then words speak volumes. Classic. vibe out with me.

Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name

“It’s Crystal, but they call me Bri”

Dave East – 30 Naz

This song speaks volumes to me, from the instrumental, to the LYRICS to the overall vibe of the song. This just puts you in a mood to just get up and just do what you have to do don’t stop keep going, and who cares what people have to say, GET UP AND GO IT. Enjoy!

Aaliyah – Enough Said (Solo Version)

Anyone who knows Bri, knows much love I have for Aaliyah. Her music was not typical she had an amazing team behind her. This song, the lyrics speak volumes to me, I’m that woman Aaliyah sings about in this song, I’m sure we all want to be there for our men that we love and hate seeing them go through some hard times, but a real woman sticks by her man even if through his hard time he finds it hard to communicate with the woman he loves, she will always be there, but communication is key. Enjoy

 Jaheim – Put That Woman First

Fellas, just a reminder for your lover for 2017.

 Tessanne Chin – Hideaway

“I can’t save you from yourself but I could offer you a new start and I can’t take away your fears but I could part the lips of your broken heart, do you, want me to, take you home
show you what my love can do” This song just speaks for itself.

Gyptian – I Can Feel Your Pain

I remember being in high school when this song came out, I had this on repeat on my MP3 for days. The song still gives me that same feeling. CLOUD 9…

  Phyllis Hyman – Just Another Face in the Crowd

I will be doing a blog post on this beautiful talented woman, but this song is so beautiful, I shed a tear to this song the first time I heard it. These lyrics are so deep, I wish music could be like this again.

 Case – Missing you

How beautiful is this video? Love is a beautiful thing and hurts so much more when someone you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, walks away. Enjoy!

 Xscape – Who Can I Run To…

When she’s lost in her thoughts this song just speaks volumes, especially the first verse. Enjoy!

 Vibe with me…

This is Bri, Crystal Bri.. I wrote this real quick, it was how I felt at the time I wrote it.  I will be posting more songs soon, bare with me.


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