Meet Bri

meet briHello, Hi, it is me Bri. The one behind all this mystery.

As I write to share my thoughts with you all, what I write is not based on “Bri” its more so on what I see on a day to day basis or of past experiences, or even about my friends experience. Get lost with me, Vibe with me.

Now let me tell you a little about Bri..

God is my first love. She’s passionate about music, loves to sing, WRITE, dance, and create (as if that wasn’t pretty obvious). She’s currently enrolled in Radio Broadcasting at Humber College and works and volunteers her time at a local radio station in Toronto. I bet you didn’t know she has a passion for fashion… << I’ll leave that there. She’s quite the ambitious one but lets be more realistic, life tends to get in the way at times, but God wouldn’t put you through anything that you couldn’t handle. All this struggle, hurt and pain is a story forming that I hope I, Bri can share one day, that’s the beauty of it, as I quote J Cole, “theres beauty in the struggle,” there really is.

Thank you again for taking the time to get know me.